Active Release Technique

You may have lingering joint and muscle pain, but remain unsure about what type of treatment to get. If you haven't already done so, now is the time to seek out your local chiropractor at Matthews Chiropractic. Many people rightfully associate chiropractors with spinal adjustments. However, Dr. Brian Matthews in West Palm Beach, FL, also uses other techniques, such as the Active Release Technique, to help soft tissue heal.

What Is ART?

Active Release Technique refers to the therapeutic hands-on, movement-based technique used to identify and target areas in soft tissue causing pain. Chiropractors focus on scar tissue and use manual techniques to break it up. Getting rid of this scar tissue can help produce better circulation for blood and lymphatic drainage. When these systems are back to working as they should, you can heal faster. Many chiropractors use it to help with sports injuries and lower back pain. It helps West Palm Beach, FL, patients deal with nerve, ligament, or tendon pain from inflammation.

What Does the Process Involve?

When you have your initial visit with Dr. Matthews, alert him to the pain points you have. From there, he will evaluate and identify where the issue is. The observation will note the tightness or texture in the area where you're reporting the problem. He will make a note of how well you're able to move those areas by muscle contraction or lifting a limb. Once he has found the source of the problem, he will apply pressure to that area manually. As he is doing his hands-on technique, you may be doing certain movements simultaneously. Moving while he's working on your various tissues is a more effective way of breaking up any built-up scar tissue. He will repeat the process of this soft tissue technique while having you perform movements until he notices a relaxation in the area.

Who Needs This Treatment?

Most people who are dealing with injuries to their soft tissue can benefit from this technique. If you had a strain or sprain, you may have built up scar tissue that is slowing down proper healing. If you do repetitive tasks such as heavy lifting or typing at a computer desk, this chiropractic therapy may help relieve back pain or carpal tunnel syndrome. You may also have scar tissue due to surgery. The expert care of Dr. Matthews can help keep your soft tissue relaxed, so you always have a fluid range of lotion and can avoid pain.

When you are ready for the benefits of Active Release Technique in West Palm Beach, FL, schedule an appointment at Matthews Chiropractic. Call Dr. Matthews at 561-547-7878 for this treatment and others that may help you.

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