The Overall Condition of the Patient

Traditional Acupuncture

Acupuncture involves more than just the obvious symptoms of a patient. As a Chiropractor trained in acupuncture, Dr. Matthews can evaluate all of the five senses, the manner in which the patient speaks, what he or she talks about, Chinese pulses and takes into account factors that may not necessarily be factors that Western doctors value as being important. Many times, our physical pain comes as a result of an emotional imbalance rather than an actual injury or illness. Acupuncture is now a widely accepted form of treatment especially for back and neck pain.

Acupuncture for trigger points and myofascial pain syndromes

More and more patients are seeking acupuncture for the use of pain management, trigger point relief, myofascial pain relief and musculoskeletal pain.

At our West Palm Beach acupuncture practice we are able to use a combination of needling therapies for the effective resolution of the above complaints. Understanding trigger points and their referral patterns are important to long lasting relief. Many people have embraced dry needling which is similar to acupuncture ashi point needling. Our chiropractic acupuncture office in Palm Beach County, FL can use many techniques and not just one to resolve your pain.

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