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Avoid potential health issues by seeking posture correction in West Palm Beach, FL, provided by Dr. Brian Matthews of Matthews Chiropractic Acupuncture + Rehabilitation.

What Are the Causes of Poor Posture?

Poor posture should not be taken lightly. Unless you want to be saddled with chronic pain, headaches, and other unpleasant health conditions, you should do something to address your poor posture as soon as possible.

Seeking treatment from a chiropractor will grant you lasting relief from the consequences of exhibiting bad posture. Still, that’s not enough. To ensure that poor posture will no longer have a tangible impact on your quality of life, you must understand what led to you developing that problem in the first place.

In many cases, poor posture results from bad habits not being corrected. These days, it’s common to see people slouched over their computers or smartphones for extended periods. If you have that same habit, you are more susceptible to bad posture and its consequences.

You may also have poor posture because of your existing injuries. Injuries you sustained from playing sports or a previous car accident may explain why you cannot maintain proper posture. Your poor posture issues will persist until you do something about those injuries.

Don’t dismiss the possibility that your job could be causing your posture issues. Jobs that require plenty of manual labor or exposure to vibrations can leave workers hobbled and hurting. Consult a chiropractor to check if you have work-related injuries. Address those injuries as soon as possible to avoid developing problems with your posture.

Secure help with your posture correction in West Palm Beach, FL, by partnering with Dr. Matthews of Matthews Chiropractic Acupuncture + Rehabilitation.

How Will a Chiropractor Correct Your Posture?

Going to a chiropractor for posture correction gives you the best chance of receiving effective treatment. That’s because chiropractors focus on the underlying conditions presented by their patients. While they will provide treatment that alleviates your symptoms, their priority remains addressing the underlying cause of your bad posture.

If your poor posture is a result of your bad habits, your chiropractor can offer advice to correct that. They can also help if your poor posture is related to your injuries. Your chiropractor will focus first on treating your injuries so you are no longer forced to accommodate them by adjusting your posture.

Lastly, your chiropractor can teach you exercises that will make it easier for you to follow correct posture habits. Keep performing those exercises, and your posture should improve permanently.

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